Resources for Marrieds

Read, listen or watch. Explore the archive of free resources to help you reach your fullest Marriageable potential.

Marriage Coaching

As you consider marriage and when you get married, establishing healthy rhythms is important. These coaching videos give practicals on how to establish the following rhythms: annual vision retreat, regular date night, weekly planning time, and daily prayer.

Intimate Communication

Communication that goes deeper than exchanging facts and information which allows a couple to connect with one another by more deeply knowing and being known. Communicating intimately with another person is a challenge, but you were designed with capacities to connect in this way. Through these four short sessions you will learn to grow in your intimate communication.

The First Five

Created for couples in their first five years of marriage, these podcasts focus on the foundational issues to build a strong and lasting marriage.

Guest Interview: John Eldredge

In this episode you will learn how to live more wholehearted, so that you can enter into a life of marriage, and parenting, and mission, and impact in the world that we want to have.

Guest Interview: Dr. Paul Tripp

In this episode you will learn a productive way of talking about what is wrong in your relationship, as well as being challenged to grant permission to our spouse to help us see ourselves accurately.

Guest Interview: Dr. Doug Rosenau

In this episode you will learn to distinguish between having sex and making love. Part of making love is making it sacred and making it about a person.

Guest Interview: Dr. Gary Rosberg

In this episode you will learn to not fix your marriage horizontally, but vertically, by having God as part of the relationship.