Marriageable is an identity-strengthening process promoting a different dating culture and overall cultural transformation of approaching relationships.

Our Perspective

Marriageable focuses on the individual becoming, rather than the individual finding. The goal is explicitly becoming marriageable, not just dating around. Marriageable seeks to be a servant tool for individuals desiring lasting change and inner fortitude leading to transformed lives and over the course of several generations, ultimately leading to transformed societies.

Online dating culture is not working for everyone. Too many people are getting hurt or disappointed in the current dating culture. Our alternative provides a process with a matchmaking opportunity to serve individuals seeking to be strengthened in the process of finding a spouse.

Our Promise

1. Chaos into Peace

No two people are the same. We understand that everyone has unique challenges. We provide a process that allows for self-discovery and resolution. We illustrate what relationships look like with less chaos and more peace.

2. Rite of Passage

It starts with you. We believe everyone needs to experience a rite of passage in their lives. Responsibilities and consequences are vital to one’s growth. We are a mentor based program that allows for individuals, dating and engaged couples to learn from others who have walked in their shoes.

3. Relationship and Personal Responsibility

We believe that individuals need to be responsible for what they say and do. Success takes hard work and determination. We work hard if you work hard.

4. Definition of Self

Acknowledge the past, understand the present and anticipate the future. We help you understand where you have been and where you want to go.

5. Foundation for the Future

Our goal is to be proactive. We strive to give you the foundational tools to build healthy and lasting relationships.

6. Many Problems/One Problem

We facilitate simplicity by addressing one problem at a time. We understand that relationships are complex but we also understand that a step-by-step process is vital towards peace. Simple or complex, one or many, we are here to walk alongside you to solve problems while collectively working towards peace.

Our Programs

Current dating culture centers around finding the right person to marry. Much time, energy and money is spent on finding “the one.” The problem with this can be that it is carried out at the expense of personal growth and transformation; that growth and transformation is what Marriageable is all about.

We want to help you move into a more marriageable position. Having worked with singles for many years, we understand the pain of desiring to be in a committed relationship and yet not being there. As our promise states: We help you understand where you have been and where you want to go.

It’s important to know yourself well before you get married. If you’re not in touch with who you are at the core, you could easily make misinformed or misguided decisions about the people you choose to date…or even the person you marry. While you’re single, care for yourself by getting well-acquainted with you: who you are at the core, what you need, where your interests lie, and what you want.

As you begin or continue a dating relationship, we want to help you navigate issues as you progress in your dating relationship. We know that dating can be complex and we want to help you facilitate simplicity in the process and move you from chaos to peace.

The engaged stage is a unique time in a person’s life. They have committed to making a permanent commitment, but have not yet solemnized that commitment.

Engagement can be a pivotal season for couples to do foundational work. This includes examining their own values as compared to the values of their fiance related to communication, money, sex, and their future lives.
Research finds that couples who underwent counseling before their wedding had a 30% higher marital success rate than those who did not.

We love working with engaged couples. From over a decade ago when we would customize each pre-marital session to now, we have discovered useful tools that help couples thrive during engagement. Let us share those with you in this exciting time of your life.

Jordan Ogden

Jordan Ogden is an author of several books including Re-Building Your Sexual House and Leave, Cleave, Get Naked: 25 Day Couple’s Devotional. He is the creator of First Five Marriage Podcast and travels the country speaking about marriage.

Jordan received his BS in Psychology from Texas A&M University and is a Focus on the Family Institute graduate. He went on to receive an MA in Medieval Studies from Southern Methodist University and a MA LMFT from Liberty University. Additional certifications include Prepare-Enrich, SYMBIS and ISW for marital sexual education.

Originally from Waco and Dallas, TX Jordan resides in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife Christy and their five children. While serving as lead pastor at Antioch Church, he travels to give sessions on preparing for marriage and marriage enrichment.

The marriageable workbook is being prepared for an early fall release. Jordan is excited to interact with singles around the nation and around the world who are motivated to take steps toward marriage.


From what perspective is Marriageable designed?

Because the designer of Marriageable has academic degrees in both psychology and graduate degrees in counseling and an interdisciplinary degree that included theology, Marriageable is designed from an integrationist perspective.

By Integrationist perspective, we mean- psychology, theology and spirituality, that gives attention to spiritual formation and spiritual disciplines, addressing the following components:

1. Accurate awareness of self
2. Accurate awareness of need
3. Healing relationship

What are examples of parts of my life that Marriageable addresses?

1. Woundedness
2. Brokenness
3. Pain
4. Core identity

What are core identity areas that Marriageable address?

1. Self-absorption
2. Self-hate
3. Lack of self-restraint
4. Victim role
5. Bitterness
6. Cynicism
7. Helplessness

I want Jordan to speak at my church.

Please fill out the contact form and we will respond.

Can I gift Marriageable?

Under ‘purchase’ tab – you can purchase Marriageable and the recipient will receive a code allowing them to access it.

Can I repost your videos and podcasts?

You are welcome to do so – just include this website link (

Do you offer group discounts if our singles ministry all wanted to use it?


10% Off for 10 or more
25% Off for 25 or more
50% Off for 50 or more

If I want our organization to use Marriageable, do you offer corporate rates?

Yes, please contact us directly for more information and specific pricing.

How long does Marriageable take?

Marriageable is designed as a process. There is not a suggested timeline for Marriageable, other than that participants are encouraged not to hurry through it. The more time a participant takes with each element of Marriageable, the greater the opportunity at personal growth. Additionally, everyone is unique and has a unique story and journey. As a result of this uniqueness, certain elements that take some participants longer to work through, will take other participants a shorter amount of time, and vice versa. There are also portions of Marriageable where an individual may find it best to pause and seek professional counseling before proceeding to the next section, which will affect the amount of time it takes that individual to work through the process.

Does Marriageable guarantee that I will get married?

No, it does not. Rather, it seeks to strengthen the individual to become a more marriageable person at some point in the future.

Is Marriageable a type of therapy or counseling?

No, it is not. We encourage participants to seek outside professional counseling/therapy for any areas where they feel the need for therapy/counseling.